Naturally curious, I remember I have always been attracted by the irrational, what the physical eye does not see...

Very young, as most of the children, I discovered, in the evening in my bed, what the professionals call "hypnagogic phenomena ", phenomena connected to the moment you fall asleep as for example the perception of inaudible sounds in the physical ear, the sensation of my body which dilated or got smaller (purely energy phenomena going with a state modifiied by consciousness named alpha by the neurologists).

As health and the human being in his physical, psychological and spiritual globality have fascinated me for a long time, I became a male nurse D.E to have a practice during several years in diverse medical sectors: medicine, surgery geriatrics, alcohol science, humanitarian medicine, etc.

Then, I left this profession to create and manage since 2003 an Institution of professional trainings, AVEC INSPIRE, specialized in psycho-corporal techniques of management of the stress.

Besides, I have been seeing patients in consultations since 2004 and propose since 2012 professional trainings in techniques of energy and vibratory care.

Naturally, a question arose ; "Is it possible to improve in a radical and long-lasting way your own health thanks to the energy and to the pranic food" ?

This way, being initiated into this food mode, in this wonderful hygiene and philosophy life in July, 2012, the vocation of this site is to make you discover and share the best Life, Nature have to offer us and which I was able to benefit from since the beginning of this adventure.

Today, in the respect of each and everyone, according to one's needs and sensibility , I happily guide people in a collective and individual way.

Gabriel Lesquoy
Nurse D.E
Stress Management Specialist
Coach in personal development
Do the experience of pranic food since July 2012
Sophro-relaxologist, energy therapist