The initiation into a food break allowing a rest of the organism, a detoxination of cells, tissues and in parallel to strengthen the capacity of the body to auto-regulate, to auto-cure and to auto-rebalance, constitutes a privileged moment of connecting with oneself.
This initiation is the opportunity to visit the parts of our internal house, those who remain most of the time blocked, dusty, windows and closed shutters ... A big cleansing reveals our hidden treasures, all our potential in our fulfillment, source of lightness( and blooming of the self ... For a house which breathes deeply the fresh air of the revival, the full health and the internal joy !

Thanks to the pranic food, this food break can last an unlimited time, which the fast does not absolutely allow.
Therefore we must be reminded not to confuse pranic state and fasts.
To have a food break cannot prevent from losing weight. So, to participate in a training course in pranic food to lose weight could not be the only motivation.

Besides, the pranic food could not be an end in itself, an aim to achieve at all costs.
There is no performance to acheive, no challenge to reach , it is a way to cultivate a better self-knowledge, to release oneself from beliefs and erroneous behaviors bound to the food, to offer the healthiest possible food to your body, to awaken your consciousness in the here and now.
Everyone will find out his way, his discipline and references in the respect of his own evolution rhythm.

To settle smoothly the process of the energy food, I propose you a collective accompaniment for 7, 14 days.

This process means :
  • A personal balance and a health strengthened in 4 levels of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual,
  • for the body to shift from a solid food to a pranic food,
  • etc.

7 or 14 days

  • To offer you a break and to honor this connection with yourself,
  • to improve your physical health, your psychological and spiritual well-being,
  • to strengthen your vitality and your lifestyle,
  • provide a food rest to your body and a deep detoxination,
  • to introduce you to the food light / pranic,
  • to find a permanent serenity and joy of living,
  • to arise to a full self-awareness in the here and now,
  • etc.
Every day, every participant will have the opportunity to express himself, to share his experience and make sure that his approach is genuine, respectful and reassuring for him.

An individualized accompaniment is completely possible and proposed, via Skype.

A group of 15 people approximately wishing to share the privilege of this experience is constituted, in a magnificent and refreshing rural setting.

Gabriel Lesquoy

21 euros / night / person in shared room 2, 3 or 4 single beds
31 euros / night / person in single room bed

Duration Dates Financial participation
7 days June 10-17 300 €


14 days August 5-19 400 €
7 days September 2-9 300 €


14 days October 7-21 400 €
7 days November 4-11 300 €



In order not to favor the exploitation of the human beings by the banking system, the payment will be made the 1st day in cash, after return of the deposit check (50 % of the price list of the reserved training course.
The deposit will be entirely acquired for any less than 15 days withdrawal before the beginning of the training course.
In case of cancellation of the internship by Prana Inspire, you will entirely be refunded.
Anytraining course started then interrupted because of the participant for whatever reason, gives the right to no repayment.

  • transfer of the solid food towards a pranic one,
  • relaxations and meditations with a psychocorporal aim,
  • walks in full conscience,
  • listening of your own needs and what is felt,
  • centration, rooting, control of the emotional,
  • Tai chi, the yoga of the laughter,
  • spare time,
  • etc.

Under your full responsibility, and to settle smoothly the transition to the pranic mode, we highly advise you before the beginning of course :
  • to develop a consciousness of the present in meal times,
  • to decrease in quantity and quality your food taking,
  • not to eat any more meat,
  • to favor fruits and vegetables,raw vegetables, fruit juice, water, herb teas,
  • etc., according to your choices and personal likings.
By favoring the most alive food and healthy possible, you will live more easily the awakening of the pranic process at a cellular level.

  • The organizer is attuned 24 hours / 24 to the trainees during all the duration of this residential course.
  • The success of the course is based on the interactive participation of all the participants.
  • Their expression is free, constructive and respectful of each individual and collective objectives.
  • All life experience has its richness and teaching. We focus on the total freedom of expression within the limits of the respect and of the integrity of each and everyone.
  • The trainees are strongly invited to participate in all the activities, none of them being compulsory. The freedom of choice for everyone is respected there also.
  • Each makes a commitment to express no value judgment on a person of the group or outside the group.
  • The respect for the confidentiality is required for good interpersonal relations during the course.
  • Each can make mistakes, it constitutes the foundation of the evolution of the self.
  • If a member of the group decided to shorten his stay, he commits to come and take time to leave officially the group, without feeling bound to justify ihimself.
  • The participants in couple make a commitment to favor the opening and the relation to the other members of the group.

For any request for information concerning the itraining courses " feed on light ", contact us by e-mail or phone : click here

Tel : please use whatsapp 06 88 06 93 60 / E-mail :

To register for an training course, download and print the form below. Fill it and send it back to Prana Inspire, 3 Rd Dr Sprauel, 54110 Rosières aux Salines accompanied with your deposit( 50 % of the amount of the training course the cheque made out to Prana Inspire.

One week before the beginning of the itraining course, you will receive by e-mail :
  • the list of the equipment you will need,
  • the address of the place of the course,
  • the list of the address and phone number of all the participants for car pool.

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