Over the past years, the scientists assert that the electromagnetic planet frequency increases, inciting us to rise towards more health, vitality and radiance of the self.

Besides,the three types of feed which are :

  • the solid and liquid food,
  • the external information brought by the five senses,
  • emotions and impressions resulting,
are not always completly digested since it is the principle of any food. As a consequence, waste ( glue and crystals) develop and accumulate in the body provoking imbalance, disorders, even diseases, more and more numerous :

  • Stress and psychosomatic diseases
  • Anxiety, insomnia
  • Depressive anxious disorder
  • Anorexia, bulimia ,obesity, type 2 diabetes
  • Relational conflicts
  • Hyperactivity of the child and adult Physical exhaustion and depression
  • Neuro-degenerative diseases:multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer, ...
  • Auto immune disease : celiac affection, crohn disease, erythemic lupus,type 1 diabestes, myasthenia
  • Colorectal, bladder, lung cancers,...

By relieving more physical density and psychological materiality,infinitely regain and cultivate : health, vitality, abundance and the joy of living to the everyday life.
Also strengthen your self-confidence and faith in life ,set your creativity free !

By being thouroly attentive to our needs in the present, in harmony with the messages of our body, we release ourselves from our confining beliefs, our fears, our dependence and other inner prisons. Therefore, we should fully live in the here and now , with an acute consciousness of our thoughts, our words and our acts, makes accessible to each the process of the prajna food .
This universal energy called prana generates the self-healing process of the body and so strengthen health, vitality and well-being.

More than to feed oneself, living on energy in full consciousness constitutes one of the sovereign paths of initiation towards the Unity, the Awakening by the reconnection to the might of the Universe...
The number of people feeding on prana energy of life is constantly increasing in France and in the world.

Prana Inspire and his representative Gabriel Lesquoy have an informative and on no account incentive or persuasive vocation.
Learn, understand and evolve thanks to the possible experiences which appear on the path of life for each and everyone should always protect and favor the development of the free-will , lucid consciousness and the well-being.

Seeking information and deciding on a change in one's life can be made as easily as quickly. This change can sometimes imply a long and demanding course, requiring beyond the euphoric enthusiasm of the beginning , a bright , respectful and reassuring consciousness of oneself , one's physical and psychological health.

The prana food substitutes on no account to any therapeutic mode.